Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Shores of Bountiful/Loralee Evans


    "Elizabeth is devastated when Lamanites attack Zarahemla and her betrothed is killed in battle. Her friend Joshua, whom she has known since childhood, is equally crushed; both by the anguish he shares with Elizabeth, as well as his own guilt that he could not save the man she loved. But together, the two find comfort in their shared grief.
     Shemnon, a Lamanite, is a man with many years and many scars, both inside and out. Despite his hatred of what he believes the Nephites to be, he is not without honor, and his heart not without compassion. When he meets Elizabeth, he can't say why she seems so familiar, or why her eyes seem so much like those of the daughter he lost years ago.
     Elizabeth does not know how she remembers the old Lamanite either, for she is certain she has never met him in her life. Neither does she fully understand her changing feelings for Joshua as the wounds upon her heart slowly heal, and the caring between them gradually develops into something deeper.
     But before Elizabeth and Joshua can come to an understanding of what their friendship has become, a new danger threatens their people. This time from within the walls of Zarahemla itself, causing even more troubles for Elizabeth and Joshua and those they hold dear, threatening to destroy everything that matters to them."


    The first book that started my blog was called "The Birthright" By Loralee Evans. To this day it is still one of my all time favorite books. The Shores of Bountiful Is a great addition to that first book. You have Elizabeth and Joshua this time and get some mentions of Mariam and Jacob from the first book, but this book is all about Elizabeth and Joshua's relationship.
    I love reading stories that take place during the Nephite and Lamanite times. Even though a lot of the characters are fiction, the events that took place are real (like the start of the Gadianton robbers).
   Following Elizabeth during her time of grief, following Joshua into the throws of battle, the emotions are high, but well worth it! This book is also about family and finding the love that lives with you, even through some of the darkest hours of life.
    If you are in the mood for some history, romance, drama, a battle or two then pick up this book and Loralee's other books. 

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