Monday, May 14, 2012

Daughters of Jared/H. B. Moore


    "Naiva, daughter of the dethroned King Jared II, lives in the shadow of her privileged elder sister, Asherah. But when Asherah develops a secret plot to return their father to the throne, Naiva's resentment turns to fear. Thwarting the scheme becomes more complicated when Naiva discovers that Akish, the first man who has shown interest in her, is an integral part of the plan.
    Asherah traps Akish in a ploy to make him marry her, breaking Naiva's heart and leaving her feeling more alone than ever. Somehow she must find the strength to stand against the encroaching evil in the kingdom and a sister who will stop at nothing to become queen. When Akish's wickedness escalates and threatens to destroy the bonds of sisterhood, Naiva must decide between protecting her sister and honoring her new belief in the true god-a forbidden belief that could cost her life."


    I love when Author's take events from history and add a heartfelt story, and make it come to life even more! Even though this book is a work of Fiction, it has characters who are well known from the Book of Mormon. We have Asherah, who dances for Akish and she becomes his wife. Even though Akish has eyes for Ashera's younger sister Naiva, who's point of view this book is written. Naiva enjoys Akish's attentions at first, but when she hears of the plot to kill her Grandfather, and Akish is the one who will gladly do it, with the help of her sister and father's encouragement. Being trapped by devotion to her family, Naiva takes you on a journey of sorrow, heartache, evil, love, and the realization that she is not alone and her prayers are heard even if they are not answered when she wants or in the way she thinks they should happen.
    Naiva is a true heroin who loves unceasingly, while everyone and everything around her are falling apart. With Faith she presses forward until the day she can be free of her burdens and be with the man she loves. Even if it takes her years.
    Heather is a very talented historical novelist! I have read other books of hers and it always marvels me at how much research and work she has to put into her novels. Never disapointed with what she puts out. Some of her other books include: Abinidi, Alma, Alma the Younger, and Ammon. If you love history, drama, and even romance, go find these books and get started! :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Daisy/Josi S. Kilpack


    "Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. And no one knows that better than Daisy. Raising two kids as a divorced, single mom, Daisy has faced each and every one of the obstacles in her life with courage and determination.
    Now with her oldest daughter ready to have a baby of her own, her youngest daughter ready to graduate from high school, and her new husband, Paul, ready to embrace the life of an empty-nester, Daisy feels like she might finally be able to check "motherhood" off her list of things to do.
    Except life often has a mind of its own. When, at the age of forty-six, Daisy suddenly finds herself facing a very different future than the one she had planned-and an uncomfortable evaluation of the past she thought she understood-she realizes that there is still some growing up she needs to do.
    Looking for a distraction to escape the growing tension at home, Daisy joins the Newport Ladies Book Club, where she meets Paige, Athena, and Olivia-unlikely friends who offer encouragement and support when Daisy's perfectly crafted life is turned upside-down."


    This is the second book in the Newport Ladies Book Club series. Reading the first book Olivia prepared me to read this book and finally understand what Daisy's point of view was. Daisy has always been a strong willed woman and found it hard to let others take care of her. Her youngest daughter is close to graduating and leaving the house, but when her daughter leaves to live with her dad, before the planned date, she finds it hard not to look back and see what she did wrong while raising her daughters.
    Her husband Paul has other things on his mind, like fishing. When Daisy finds out she is pregnant, she is afraid to tell Paul, since she assured him she could not get pregnant since she had her tubes tied 15 years earlier. She finds herself all alone except for her new friends from the book club, who help her come to terms with the trials in her life.
    This book was filled with lots of emotion and takes you on a journey you could only hope ends in a happy ending, but not every story can have that, and who is to say that Daisy will not have a happy ending, even if it is not your kind of happy ending? I cant wait to find out more about the other characters in the book club, and hopefully get some more information on Olivia and Daisy through these other ladies eyes.
    The next book in the series is Paige, and is written by Annette Lyon. It should be coming out in September and the book after that is Athena written by Heather B. Moore, which should be out in November. Julie Wright wrote Olivia, the first book in the series. All these Authors are great at making these books come to life and weaving different, yet real situations into their characters. Happy Reading!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Most Important Catch/Jaclyn M. Hawkes


    "She knew too much, and she'd seen too much. And the police refused to help. Knowing that she was to be the next scheduled death, Kelly Campbell hid under head to toe black leather and a tinted motorcycle helmet and ran for her life.
    When the weather turned cold, she turned south. She ended up in North Carolina, home to one of the most famed and eligible NFL football stars in the whole league; only she didn't know that. She thought he was a businessman. Not being a huge fan, all she knew was that he was incredibly attractive, kind, generous, and that she was safe with him. Or was she?
    His brand of fame proved to be all but deadly, but his fame wasn't nearly as lethal as his attraction. He kept her safe and protected. All except for her heart."


    Wow! The picture on the front of this book really fits with the character Kelly perfectly! Beautiful, fragile, but a very powerful woman who can take care of herself when her world starts to crumble around her. Then Enter Robby who is, how shall I put this.....HOT!!!! He is very different compared to his teammates and is a very humble and loving character.  Then put these two together, they were meant to be! But when Kelly is found by those who want to kill her and silence her forever, he has to let her go to keep her safe as well as himself. I don't want to give too much away. Does Kelly ever stop running and hiding? Will Robby get to tell her how much he loves her? Read and find out! ;) You will not be disapointed!

   This book was 291 pg's long and I didn't want it to end, I wanted more! This was the first Jaclyn M. Hawkes book I have read, she has a couple more that I hope to pick up sometime in the future. I cant wait to see what other novels she writes up! Here are some links to her sites, and also sites to go and purchase the book itself. Enjoy!!

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