Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Paint Me True/E.M. Tippetts

  Eliza is a 30 year old professional painter who only has a few months left in her singles ward. Time is not on her side. She wanted to have met someone by now and started living her happily ever after. Of course she has had plenty of proposals in the past, but she couldn't see herself with those men.
  Fresh out of a relationship with Len, which caught even her off guard, she receives a phone call from her Aunt Nora, who lives in London. Needing help, Eliza gets on the next available flight to assist her Aunt, who is the closet she has had to a mother in a while.
  While in London memories from the past come into view, and a secret that has been hidden for so long comes out and the truth cant be hidden any longer.
  Will Eliza be able to find love? Will she be able to overcome a heartache she has lived with her whole life? With a little help, and her love of painting, she will learn a lesson she wont forget!


  This book had me riveted from the beginning! E.M. Tippetts is such a great Author. I could put myself into the main characters shoes (minus the proposals, haha). Being the age I am, and still in the single's ward it hit so close to home. So it wasn't hard to feel the way Eliza felt.
  If you like to read, you will love this book. If you like to paint, you will love this book. If you are in a singles ward, you will love this book. If you love to date, you will love this book. Pretty much whoever you are, you should pick up this book!
  So many things happen in this book that It was so hard to put down. I laughed with the character, and cried with the character. So many emotions lie in this one book. Get your hands on it as soon as you can! Keep a look out for some of E.M. Tippets other books. One is called "Time and Eternity" and she will also have a new one coming out in December called "Someone Else's Fairytale".
  I also need to mention that if I go to England anytime soon, I now know how to word things like a proper Englishman. haha

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Midnight Whispers/Carol Warburton

Synopsis from back of book:

  "With the loss of her father, Jessamyne Clayborne finds herself without any family, except for her estranged brother Robert, who has long since sought his fortune elsewhere. though nervous, Jessamyne takes passage on the next ship to Australia, hoping to reunite with Robert in the untamed Outback, the wildest of lands.

  But before landfall, a horrific storm sweeps her from the ship, leaving Jessamyne for dead. When the Mckade family finds her and nurses her back to health, Jessamyne is befriended by Brock, their handsome son. In time, Robert is located and she is reunited with her long-lost brother.

  Her reunion with Robert is a bitter mixture of disappointment and dread as she witnesses the unnerving lapses in his character and receives a chilling reception from his wife, Olivia. As she uncovers layer upon layer of intrigue and deceit, Jessamyne soon finds that she must make the heartbreaking decision between her only remaining family and true love."

My Review:

  I have several books from Carol Warburton. I love her style of writing. It has love, compassion, intrigue, fears, betrayal, and suspense!! I recommend you read all of her books! This one so far has got to be my favorite and it was also the first book I read of hers.
  Jessamyne is afraid of horses and for a good reason. But when she is put in a place where horses are a must she has to try and overcome her fear. Thank goodness Brock is around. And not just for his good looks and love of family! These two characters when put together cause electricity! (romantic electricity).
  When she finds her brother Robert, she is put in a situation where she cant trust him. Things take a turn for the worse when she discovers he is not who she thought and that he has kept secrets from not just her but his wife.
  It was easy for me to step into this book and put myself in Jessamyne's shoes and experience all her emotions. She is definitely a woman I would look up too, and would love to be friends with. Not to mention, who wouldn't want Brock???!!! ;)