Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Searching for Irene/Marlene Bateman


    "Anna Coughlin is a modern 1920s woman armed with a college education and a partiality for numbers. Now, within the walls of a fantastic castle-like mansion in the hills of Virginia, her skill will be tested as never before. Hired to serve as financial advisor to wealthy Lawrence Richardson, Anna finds the welcome she receives anything but warm. Lawrence’s handsome but antagonistic son Tyler wants nothing more than to send her packing. The household staff isn’t much better, but who can blame them, considering the way Lawrence’s last advisor, Irene, disappeared . . . Convinced that one of the enigmatic members of the household had something to do with Irene’s disappearance, Anna doesn’t dare trust anyone—not even temperamental Tyler Richardson, who, despite her best intentions, is beginning to steal her heart. A series of frightening incidents ensnare Anna in a maze of intrigue, putting her life in peril. But even as Anna begins uncovering the secrets hidden within the mansion’s stone walls, she harbors a secret of her own. Now, the only question that remains is whether she will disappear as mysteriously as Irene. . . ."


    This is a great who done it mystery novel. The more Anna digs into Irene's disappearance, the more danger she puts herself in. Anyone who lives in this mansion is a suspect. It seems to Anna that the police aren't doing their job in finding Irene, and whom ever she disappeared with. Anna then takes the job into her own hands!
    Mystery, Romance, and Drama are battling each other in this novel. It is close to 300 pgs, yet once you start reading it, it keeps you in the story and you wont want to put it down, even down to the last page. I was only hoping for an Epilogue to get a little more of what happened after.
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