Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gaze into Heaven/Marlene Bateman Sullivan


"Most of us have wondered exactly what will happen when we die. What does the Spirit World look like? Will we see departed family members and friends? What do people do there? Do spirits there know what is happening on earth? What did people who had near-death experiences learn from their visit? All of these questions and many more are answered in Gaze Into Heaven. There have been many books written about modern day near-death experiences, but this book is the first to focus solely on those that took place in early church history.
Studying near-death experiences can bless us with a better understanding of this life and increase our knowledge of the life to come. By reading about those who actually entered the spirit world and saw conditions there, we can benefit from the insights they gained and use that information to reevaluate our lives and use our time on earth productively."    

     I really enjoy reading near death experiences, call me weird, but I find people's views interesting on the subject. I also love history, so put the two together and I am set! 
     There was such a variety of near death experiences, from Men, Women, and Children.  From meeting loved ones who had passed, to meeting Christ. This read was Spiritual and brought me closer to my Heavenly Father. 
     Even though all the experiences were had by different people, there were so many similarities when you look at all of them. Some people came back for only a short period of time to say goodbye and tell their experience, then an hour or two later they would leave this life for the glory of Heaven. One man had two years to get his life in order and then he would be taken back home. 
     Two of the stories that stuck out to me both dealt with seeing the Prophet Joseph Smith in a room, with a long table and him walking back and forth being very busy with his work. This came from two very different people, one happened to be a little girl. 
     I know in my family there have been some near death experiences, which I find amazing! I can certainly wait to die, but what joy I will have when I get to the other side and get to have my own experience in pure Love. 
     Thanks Marlene for giving me the opportunity to read this book! Here are some URL's to go and buy this book. Also Marlene's website. This book is also available at Deseret Book stores and Seagull Book stores.        


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