Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jeremy's Christmas Journey/Scott Johnson


    Make sure you watch the video above to get the Synopsis of this book. This book comes with a CD that holds the Testimony's of Mary (the mother of Jesus), James (brother of Jesus), and many more. Jeremy is a boy who has gone through a lot in his still so young life. Feeling bitterness against others for the fate that has befallen him, he has lost his Faith in Christ and his miracles. Then one Christmas Eve Jeremy is taken on a journey that could change his begrudging soul.
    This was a fun book, Especially having the actual music and words to listen to while reading through it. The Testimony's in the book are all put to music, which makes it that more emotional. I would really love to see this book come to life, like The Forgotten Carols (that's what it reminds me of), so if you enjoy the music from that, then I am pretty sure you will love this book!
    This would be a great Christmas gift and a wonderful story to make a tradition of reading each year, just like the Christmas Story. The Author, not just of the book, but those who wrote the music and those who performed them should get a big pat on the back. Fantastic!
    Here are some links for you to check out:

 YouTube channel has trailers and samples of the music from the CD:
Author website:
Twitter: DocScottJohnson

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