Friday, November 21, 2014

Softly Falling/Carla Kelly


    "Fresh off the train from New York City, Lily Carteret arrives in picturesque Wyoming only to discover that her wayward father has lost his cattle ranch to a lowly cowboy in a card game!

    Determined not to let her father’s folly ruin her life, Lily becomes a teacher on the ranch. There she learns that the handsome cowboy, Jack Sinclair, has some wild predictions about the upcoming winter—that it will be unlike anything Wyoming has ever seen. Lily must either cast off her skepticism to work with Jack or risk losing everything she holds dear."


    I love the dynamic between Lily's world and Jacks world. Lily really takes the changes in her life in stride.  With this change I think she grows into the women she could see from a distance but was never before able to grasp. Enter Jack and his take charge attitude and things fall softly into place.
    This is a great sit on your couch in front of a roaring fire kind of read. Trust me when I say you will want to stay nice and warm.
    This book is a little over four hundred pages long, but I am sure it will grab a hold of you to where you don't even notice the page numbers and it will have ended before you know it, leaving you wanting more!
    I would love to find out what happens to some of the other characters. I can see them having their own stories. One can only hope! Carla nailed it again. Sit down and relax with some hot cocoa and enter a world with Romance, drama, comedy, and tragedy, this book has it all.

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