Saturday, February 8, 2014

Porcelain Keys/Sarah Beard


    "Aria s life is full of secrets--secrets about her mother's death, her father's cruelty, and her dream to go to Juilliard. When Aria meets Thomas, he draws out her secrets, captures her heart, and gives her the courage to defy her father. But when tragedy strikes and Thomas disappears, Aria is left alone to transform her broken heart s melody into something beautiful. Porcelain Keys is a captivating love story that will resonate long after the last page is turned."


    This was a sweet Y.A. romance fit for not just teens, but adults as well. Aria is struggling to overcome hardships that seem to pursue her while a senior in High School. Thomas shows up in her life when she least expects it. As their friendship grows, the bitter taste of death tears them apart. Thomas gave hope to Aria when she needed it the most, but then shuts Aria out when he needs her the most. Will she ever see him again? Will he be forgiven and also forgive himself when he feels his hardships are too much? Will their destiny be apart?
    Sarah did a great job creating these characters! I felt all the anguish and pain as if I were living that life. When the book starts out with fear and questions that need to be answered, it draws the reader in with a sense of urgency to know what the outcome will be.
    You want Aria and Thomas to be together forever and have a happily ever after. But life gets in the way as it does most of the time and things can change. I wasn't too excited about Devin coming into the picture. Because I was still hoping Thomas would show up. But the more I got to know Devin, he opened up Aria to life and love again. I am not a fan of love triangles, if you could call it that in this book, but in the end I was satisfied with the results and I think you will be too.

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