Friday, May 24, 2013

Esther the Queen/H.B. Moore


    "When Esther is summoned to enter harem the first step toward becoming his wife Esther is torn between her desire to be with Xerxes and the knowledge that they will forever be divided by the secret of her Jewish heritage. Encouraged by her family to do what she must to help her people, she deftly navigates her new position in the palace, quickly becoming beloved by all including Xerxes. But when a treacherous plan threatens to engulf the kingdom in violence, Esther must choose between love and duty. Is she prepared to sacrifice all that she holds dear in order to save her people from certain annihilation?"


    Wow, this book was inspirational! I have always loved to story of Esther and what a powerful woman she was in her time. Heather takes you on a heart hammering journey in her depiction of this courageous heroin and her beliefs. I love the relationship between Esther and Xerxes and the development you see in their personalities from beginning to end. Haman is just evil and I got the shivers every time he popped up in the book.
    I have read several of Heather's books and it is not surprising that they just keep getting better every time she writes them. If you want to get into the minds of some of your favorite people from the Book of Mormon, then pick up Abinadi, Ammon, or even The Daughters of Jared (to name a few). Esther I believe is her first Bible novel. I am looking forward to seeing what new and fun stories she has in mind!

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