Sunday, August 12, 2012

Choosing Charity/Terri Ferran


   "When Kit learns that her biological mother wants to meet her, it seems her perfect life is about to come tumbling down. With a new job, a husband she adores, and friends all around her, can Kit possibly be expected to risk everything for a woman who left her in a dumpster to die?
    Of course, love comes in many forms. Now Kit's about to learn that when faith and hope aren't enough, charity can make things right."


   This is the third and final book in the Faith, Hope, and Charity series. You do not need to read the first two to enjoy this book, but they help you understand how Kit and her husband Adam met and gives you better input on those people in her life. The first two books are called 1. Finding Faith  2. Having Hope
    I have to say that this was definitely my favorite in the series! Kit has really grown since the first book but still has many unexpected surprises still ahead of her that are brought forward in this last one. She faces her parents sudden divorce and juggling relationships with both and their changing lives. Also the fact that her biological mother finds her after all these years and it's not how Kit planned the meeting would go. Of course Adam is the perfect husband who helps her look past all the negative that's creeping up and brings in the positive. She also has great support from his family and their friends.
   I loved how Terri tied in the word "Charity" and used it in a couple different ways. It was truly an inspirational read! It had love, drama, heartache, laughter, and of course Faith, Hope, and Charity. Family is a powerful thing and these books hold to what it means to be one. To be there for one another, no matter the circumstance. Love never dies. 
   Read all three books and get the know Kit, Adam, and the rest of these fun characters Terri brought to life through her writing.


  1. I've been following this blog tour and have enjoyed reading all the positive reviews -- I have definitely added all three books to my TBR! (And I've found some great new blogs to follow in the process!)

    1. Thanks for the follow Gayle!! It was a fun series to get into. I hope my page helps you get some more books added to your list :)

  2. The take on charity is quite a cool aspect of this book! I can't wait to read the first two books!