Monday, May 14, 2012

Daughters of Jared/H. B. Moore


    "Naiva, daughter of the dethroned King Jared II, lives in the shadow of her privileged elder sister, Asherah. But when Asherah develops a secret plot to return their father to the throne, Naiva's resentment turns to fear. Thwarting the scheme becomes more complicated when Naiva discovers that Akish, the first man who has shown interest in her, is an integral part of the plan.
    Asherah traps Akish in a ploy to make him marry her, breaking Naiva's heart and leaving her feeling more alone than ever. Somehow she must find the strength to stand against the encroaching evil in the kingdom and a sister who will stop at nothing to become queen. When Akish's wickedness escalates and threatens to destroy the bonds of sisterhood, Naiva must decide between protecting her sister and honoring her new belief in the true god-a forbidden belief that could cost her life."


    I love when Author's take events from history and add a heartfelt story, and make it come to life even more! Even though this book is a work of Fiction, it has characters who are well known from the Book of Mormon. We have Asherah, who dances for Akish and she becomes his wife. Even though Akish has eyes for Ashera's younger sister Naiva, who's point of view this book is written. Naiva enjoys Akish's attentions at first, but when she hears of the plot to kill her Grandfather, and Akish is the one who will gladly do it, with the help of her sister and father's encouragement. Being trapped by devotion to her family, Naiva takes you on a journey of sorrow, heartache, evil, love, and the realization that she is not alone and her prayers are heard even if they are not answered when she wants or in the way she thinks they should happen.
    Naiva is a true heroin who loves unceasingly, while everyone and everything around her are falling apart. With Faith she presses forward until the day she can be free of her burdens and be with the man she loves. Even if it takes her years.
    Heather is a very talented historical novelist! I have read other books of hers and it always marvels me at how much research and work she has to put into her novels. Never disapointed with what she puts out. Some of her other books include: Abinidi, Alma, Alma the Younger, and Ammon. If you love history, drama, and even romance, go find these books and get started! :)

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